Clinical Path Consulting ensures that physicians are at the center of it all.

The adoption and systematic use of an Electronic Medical Reporting (EMR) system in medical practices remains problematic for many U.S. physicians. This lack of physician utilization can result in lost revenue, incomplete patient records and reduced quality care.

Clinical Path Consulting’s Clinical Concierge Program provides healthcare organizations the ability to maximize their EMR investment by increasing physician adoption, delivering essential on-the-job training, and providing system support as needed.

Our team of concierges brings years of experience in clinical system training, physician adoption, organizational change management, the rules behind Meaningful Use, and go-live support.

Our customized services include:

• Physician Shadowing: The Concierge will ‘shadow’ a physician to understand their use of the technology throughout the day, providing the ability to enhance their user experience and increase physician adoption.

• Consulting: Upon an EMR implementation or upgrade, the Concierge can provide consulting services to ensure that the system is being used completely and efficiently.

• Support: The Concierge serves as an extension of an organization’s help desk and can provide technical support as needed.

• Education and Training: Given their responsibilities throughout the day, many times it is difficult for physicians and clinicians to attend training sessions. The Concierge can provide one-on-one training that can accommodate their schedule.

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