Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare wanted to optimize the use of the Order Sets functionality within their EMR system. CPC worked directly with EEH’s Chief Medical Information Officer to increase decision support to make the Order Sets more user friendly, add restrictions to suggest appropriate Order Sets based on diagnosis and problem lists, and develop base Order Sets common to most patients with specialty specific focuses (e.g. Pulmonary, Cardiac, etc.).
Healthcare Reporting Lab

Wake Forest Baptist Health had difficulty keeping current on their reporting demands. The backlog of more than 200 report requests had resulted in challenging customer relations with its providers, delayed updates to patient and financial data, and inefficiencies in the overall decision-making process. CPC was selected to perform an EMR report analysis, determining that the reporting issues were due to inefficient reporting processes and untrained staff. CPC streamlined the current Wake Forest reporting process by analyzing each current request, investigating its requirements, prioritizing its need, and producing or developing the report. The result was a reduction in current backlog from 200 requests to 20 requests within one year. In addition to restructuring the process, CPC mentored the Wake Forest staff on the new procedure, resulting in an increase of completed new reports by more than 50%.

Wake Forest Baptist Health physicians and caregiving teams struggled with the complexity of their new
EPIC EMR system. Wake Forest partnered with CPC for a pilot concept of EPIC Clinical Concierges. CPC’s EPIC credentialed staff were embedded among the providers to enable them to utilize the EMR product more efficiently and effectively in their daily activities. As a result, the Clinical Concierge Program has become a vital and long term piece of the support team at Wake Forest Baptist Health.
ERP Integration

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin employed both PeopleSoft and Epic systems in their overall inventory control. However, as each system had its own set of trained users and workflow processes, there was difficulty to accurately map transactions, find specific supply items, and check inventory balances.
CPC was able to successfully integrate the PeopleSoft and Epic systems, allowing CHW the ability to reconcile inventory balances and improve inventory accuracy, eliminate redundant workflow processes, and enable users to increase productivity while maintaining data integrity.

Multiple healthcare systems have employed CPC as a strategic training partner. CPC provides Instructional Designers, Credentialed Trainers and support personnel, most of which have hands-on clinical experience (RN, RT, LPN), along with multiple years of EMR training expertise.

A nationwide faith-based healthcare organization mandated that all of their ministries utilize PeopleSoft as their Supply Chain platform. To perform this significant project, the organization augmented their internal IT staff by utilizing multiple resources that are experts in healthcare supply chain, including data analysts, project managers, and supply chain module analysts.